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shimmer Tired of Wasting Time Building Tests?

Imagine creating personalized, interactive assessments in seconds – no more sifting through generic test banks. Upload any document, and our LearnAI instantly generates a tailored quiz that focuses on exactly what your learners need to know. Available in 10+ Languages!

Say goodbye to:

  • Time-consuming test creation
  • Generic, one-size-fits-all quizzes
  • The struggle to find the right assessment for your needs
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Fully GDPR compliant

We protect personal data of each user and organization according to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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Secured by SSL connection

Data transfer between your client and a database instance is encrypted by SSL/TLS connections, adding an extra layer of protection.

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Made with ❤️ in Germany

Our complete server and data infrastructure is located in Germany and is also looked after and maintained there.

Students from nine European universities have tested LearnSlice and love it.

I like LearnSlice because it allows me to test my knowledge in a game-like environment - it is safe to make mistakes, and I feel motivated to study.

Pavel Raschetnov, student of RWTH Aachen

I am very satisfied with the overview of my learning progress and the regular veifications of my quizzes by the instructors. The ability to create self-assessment quizzes has helped me solidify my knowledge effectively and track my progress continuously.

Student of the Faculty of Human Science, University of Cologne

When my task looks nice and modern, I feel more motivated to start studying.

Student of Design faculty, University of Applied Science Düsseldorf

I like the LearnSlice tool because it gives me the ability to gain freedom in studying and control quizzes.

Student of the Faculty of Business Studies, University of Applied Science Dortmund

I like the gaming aspect. It is quite simple to use.

Student of the Faculty of Business Studies, University of Applied Science Dortmund

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Features for easy integration into your educational concept

Dedicated learning space

We provide a dedicated learning space with a few ready-to-play quizzes for your university or school.


LearnSlice is easy to customize to align with your teaching approach.

Learning in 10+ Languages

LearnSlice goes beyond English and German.

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