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Struggling with Unmotivated Apprentices Who Leave Company Prematurely?

Elevate your apprentices’ enthusiasm and expertise with our solution for quiz-based exam preparation and peer-to-peer learning.

Our tool will enhance your interactive onboarding process and facilitate personalized professional upskilling for your apprentices. All organised with the interactive and tailored quizzes, Karma points, leaderboards and detailed learning analytics for both your apprentices and mentors!

Benefits for Your Company
Engagement and Loyalty

LearnSlice engages apprentices, enhances their knowledge, fosters loyalty, and simultaneously reduces dropout rates, maximizing company investments in apprenticeships.


By preventing premature departures, our solution saves companies around €18,000 per apprentice annually and ensures long-term benefits from apprenticeship investments.


Our AI-driven platform streamlines quiz creation, freeing up time for mentors to concentrate on other crucial tasks, ultimately boosting overall productivity and driving business growth.


Gamification enhances engagement and motivation for learners while providing educators with effective tools to make learning more interactive and enjoyable.

Personalized Learning

LearnSlice tailors content to your apprentices, enhancing comprehension and retention, which in turn leads to improved exam results and the development of a skilled and knowledgeable team.

Comprehensive Support

LearnSlice provides comprehensive support for mentors, covering everything from onboarding to exam preparation, equipping apprentices with the essential skills required for their professional growth within your company.

Embrace LearnSlice and revolutionize your apprenticeship training.

Join us in creating a brighter, more engaged talents for a successful future!

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