After LearnSlice, You will never want to use other learning management systems.

After LearnSlice, You will never want to use other learning management systems.
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The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.– B.B. King

A learning management system (LMS or Lernmanagement-System (in German) is a platform for the execution of e-learning. Choosing the right learning management system is critical not only for learners, but for universities and schools too. Learning takes time, and it is crucial to invest that time efficiently to get the best results. Nowadays, there are many e-learning providers in the market. But how to find the right tool relevant to your learners' content? How about an application to create this content yourself!

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The important criteria for educational institutions are:

  1. Security: Data privacy and infrastructure are essential for the education industry
  2. Reliability: An accessible platform for both learners and educational institutions alike
  3. Multi-Device: The LMS needs to have a user-friendly mobile version with a responsive design.
  4. Flexibility: The team should be able to adapt the tool precisely to the needs of your company
  5. Analytics: Learners should have the possibility to track their performance and goals.

How to help your students in self-learning?

It's easy: to address their learning needs directly.

60% of university students are worried about their academic performance, and around 70% experience trouble focusing. Deutsche Welle

How LearnSlice tackles these challenges:

It helps educational institutions to support their learners in preparation for exams and tests.


The playful approach, such as quiz-making and quiz-solving, motivates learning.


Learners receive relevant content to their study program verified by teachers.


Lecturers or teachers review the quizzes created by learners and send feedback.


Ensures learners' success by offering performance analytics.


Learning in small units (quizzes) is proven to be more effective.

Multilingual - English and German.

Thus, it expands the target group of international users.

You and your students are sure to enjoy LearnSlice - a new level of learning management system.

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