What is the focus in education industry in 2022?

What is the focus in education industry in 2022?
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We live in a fast-developing digital age. Things develop quickly but also quickly become outdated. This process can especially be seen in e-learning: the most cutting-edge technology of today may no longer be relevant tomorrow. Therefore, it is much more important to focus on those learning trends and tools which will endure as they become part of our learning path. As we get used to the tools we use for studying, they become part of our knowledge.

Propitious new learning programs are constantly appearing in the market. The selection is constantly growing.

What are the requirements for knowledge nowadays?

In the swift time of information, the requirements for knowledge are:

  1. Available: regardless of location
  2. Relevant: it must be accurate, up to date, and engaging
  3. Interactive, in how it is communicated and applied
  4. Sustainably managed.

But what is the right platform for your learning group?

To get your learning right in 2022, you need to consider the learning habits of your students. Think about it from various perspectives.

  • Is it a training platform that is purchased and customized for your organization? Or would you prefer an annual license for the online training from a provider? Or maybe you want to create the content yourself?
  • Would you allow the participants to exchange ideas and use social learning? What about self-determined learning or with guidance and support?
  • Do you need mandatory hard skills or more soft skills training?
  • Who should define the learning content?

Lately, we wrote about 4 Trends in the education industry in 2022 that could help you understand where the education industry is heading and find the right platform for the learning purposes of your organization.

The learning trends of 2022 can help us to figure out the main focus of the education industry:

  • universal video learning
  • self-determined microlearning
  • social group-centered learning

These learning trends are increasingly becoming part of digital learning. Successful digital learning comes when the right formats and tools are combined, complement each other, and have a motivating effect on the learners.

Because of the challenges of learning in person, many learners switched to online learning platforms. As soon as you get online, you have access to a universe of information. Often, the real challenge is not to find the information, but to filter the found data and extract the relevant information.


LearnSlice, knowing these pains, focuses on providing learners with the relevant content by driving them to create learning units themselves based on the study program. Lecturers verify new content to ensure the quality and relevance of the units. Students of 4 German universities have approved the LearnSlice approach. Interested? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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