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Peer-to-peer mentoring support

Let specialists in your company learn from each other and feel that they belong!

Finish a brown bad session with an entertaining quiz to identify how well your employees understood a topic!

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Create pre-onboarding quizzes to provide essential information about the company, its values, culture, policies, procedures, team introductions, product knowledge, compliance training, and more to your new employees before they join.

LearnSlice helps develop interactive quizzes for onboarding, covering orientation sessions and training modules, providing an engaging way for new employees to absorb necessary information. It accelerates onboarding and establishes a foundation for continuous learning and growth.


Unlock the potential of your employees without external support!

Our platform allows your employees to identify the level of expertise in a topic and engages with quizzes aligned with their professional development goals, while your company fosters a culture of continuous learning.

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Efficient Performance Analysis for Employee Growth

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their workforce, you can tailor your training programs to address specific needs, resulting in targeted skill development and improved overall performance.

Enhance Employee Engagement and Motivation

By gamifying the learning experience, LearnSlice enhances employee engagement and motivation. Employees can earn Karma points through quiz verification by trainers or likes from their colleagues, creating a sense of achievement and friendly competition.

Centralized Repository of Quizzes for Consistent Learning

Quizzes created by employees or trainers are automatically available to all other users, promoting knowledge sharing and standardization of learning materials. This helps companies maintain a cohesive learning environment and facilitates the seamless transfer of knowledge and skills.

Content generation is supported by AI-Assistant. Create relevant for your company quizzes 15 times faster!

5000 ready-made quizzes on hot topics (Leadership, cyber-security, programming, etc)

Higher security with SSO integration

Custom company branding at request

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