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We help you increase the engagement and knowledge of your learners by providing them with playful interaction and exam preparation tool.

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How LearnSlice helps learning

Learners and educators create, automatically share and play multiple-choice, open-ended, assessment quizzes within their educational institution to playfully prepare for exams and tests.

Assessing the depth of knowledge, performance levels, and identifying knowledge gaps of learners across various subjects and topics enables you, as educator, to pinpoint areas where learners require your assistance and support

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For lecturer & teacher

LearnSlice saves educator valuable time

  • Analyze your learners' performance per quiz and identify where they need your support.
  • Identify the learning trend per topic.
  • Create and publish your own quizzes.
  • Review, and verify quizzes made by your learners.
  • Send feedback to a quiz author to improve their knowledge and quiz quality.

Learners of the next semester can re-use already created and verified quizzes.

What your learners can do:

Game-based exam preparation for better grades.
  • Create multiple-choice, open-ended, and assessment quizzes using study material and share them automatically with peers.
  • Earn Karma points through quiz verification by educators or likes from other learners.
  • Participate in the leaderboard.
  • Play quizzes created by other learners and aligned with their study material.
  • Review, analyze, and improve own learning performance on analytics dashboard.

All quizzes published by learners or educators are automatically available to all other users within a university or a school.

Your use cases


Formative Assessments

LearnSlice is a platform for creating and administering interactive quizzes. It helps educators design engaging assessments, automatically grades them, and provides instant feedback to students, saving time for educators.


Quiz as homework

LearnSlice can be used for homework assignments, where learners create quizzes beforehand and present them during the class. By presenting their quizzes to peers, learners engage in collaborative learning, fostering active participation and deeper understanding of the subject matter.


Flipped Classroom Approach

The teachers create quizzes or interactive lessons so that their learners can familiarize themselves with the content and acquire fundamental knowledge before class. This allows more time in the classroom for interactive discussions, problem-solving, and collaboration among the learners.

Our top benefits


Personalised Learning

Learners take a self-assessment quiz to determine their level of knowledge and to see which quiz should be taken next to improve their proficiency.


Self-Learning and Exam Preparation

Educators offer access to practice questions and past exam papers, fostering self-directed learning and boosting students' confidence in their knowledge and exam skills.


Data-Driven Instruction

Educators analyze the data to identify learning trends, gaps in understanding, and areas for improvement for instructional planning and curriculum adjustments.


Your learners compete, earn Karma-points, and unlock achievements, fostering a sense of accomplishment and active participation in learning.

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